I’m Advocating for Inclusion, One Runway at a Time

What am I passionate about? Isn’t it amazing that with billions of people in this world, we are all different? Each person is unique. I am unique, and you are unique. Our physical features are not alike and each of us has our own unique personality. Even identical twins have different characteristics, desires, and skills. Some of us are good at sports, others have musical ability. Some like to grow a garden and others would rather stay inside and read a book. Every one of us has wants, desires, and skills that differ from others.

Regardless of what you are passionate about, what goals you have, you should have the opportunity to participate in those activities to be able to work towards reaching your goals. Everyone should have that opportunity. Everyone should be included. What am I passionate about? I am passionate about modeling and advocating for inclusion in the world. I am “advocating for inclusion, one runway at a time.”

I am a twenty-five year old international model. I have graced New York Fashion Week multiple times, as well as walking the runaways of Milan, New York, Paris, Dubai, and Los Angeles—the biggest fashion markets in the world. I have Down Syndrome, but that doesn’t get me down. I am different, I am unique. I wanted to be a model, so I went for it. To learn more about modeling, I studied other models’ poses, actions, and characteristics. Some people thought I wasn’t the right shape or size to be a model.

But I know there are people of all shapes and sizes in the world. There are people who want to buy clothes, that may have been a customer who previously was ignored or avoided, but if recognized appropriately, could truly increase profits and good will to an entirely new population.

Remember, we are all unique. I am passionate about being a leader in advocating for inclusion and making myself “visible,” so people everywhere normalize those who are different from them. We all should be given a chance to reach our goals.

Being a leader is fun and it makes me feel good. Both Dubai and Milan Fashion Weeks recognized my efforts and talent in breaking down barriers, while representing big-name designers. I will continue to be a leader and “advocate for inclusion….one runway at a time.”