You can’t have it all but with the right support you can have a lot more than you think

In this ever-evolving journey of life, I have come to embrace the profound career advice that shaped my path: “You can’t have it all at once.” This statement initially startled me, as I was raised with the belief that hard work could make any dream achievable. Reflecting on my upbringing, I owe my drive and ambition to the sacrifices my mother made when she immigrated to the United States from the Bahamas, seeking a better life for us. During my early years, I experienced an abundance of love and care from my extended family in the Bahamas while my mother laid the foundation for our future in the U.S.

Upon completing law school, I made unconventional decisions, choosing not to pursue a traditional legal career. Instead, I embarked on a journey of exploration, prioritizing travel, spending time with loved ones, and nurturing my niece. As life unfolded, my priorities shifted, and I discovered my passion in legal recruiting and operations—a path that felt right for me.

Throughout my journey, I have been blessed with an incredibly supportive husband. We have made collaborative decisions at various points in our relationship, each prioritizing the other’s career when needed. Though some warned of potential career risks, I remained committed to supporting my husband’s demanding career, understanding the sacrifices and trade-offs it might entail.

The decision to start a family brought new challenges, and I questioned how I could balance work, motherhood, relationships, and career growth. However, fortune smiled upon us when my mother retired and volunteered to move across the country to help raise our son — a beautiful full-circle moment. With my husband taking on ever increasing parental responsibilities, I have been able to navigate my demanding job’s odd hours while staying actively involved in my child’s life.

My unique journey might not align with traditional notions of success, but I take pride in the life my family and I have created—a life that combines meaningful work, strong relationships, and personal fulfillment. This path has taught me the value of compromise, effective communication, and staying true to my own priorities. I have come to realize that “having it all” is subjective and that my version of success may differ from others—and that is perfectly okay.

As I continue to progress in my career and personal life, I carry with me the wisdom of “you can’t have it all at once,” embracing each moment and opportunity as it comes, and cherishing the support and love of those who make this journey truly remarkable. I am eternally grateful for the sacrifices made by my mother, my husband’s unwavering support, and the blessings that allow me to thrive in both my personal and professional endeavors. With each step, I am building a legacy that I hope will inspire others to embrace their own unique paths and pursue fulfillment on their terms.