As a woman in business, I’ve looked at other leaders I admire and what has really resonated with me is their strong sense of values. Having a good, sound set of values and a strong notion of what’s important to you are crucial in business and in life. Take stock of things that matter most to you, such as integrity, children, family and community; then everything flows from there. With this foundation, you are more likely to have the focus and ability to look outside of yourself and be able to build strong teams of people.

BE A CATALYST FOR SUCCESS. A true leader reaches out to help others achieve success. Mentoring relationships enrich both ways. I learn a lot about myself when I’m reaching out and helping others see the possibilities.

VALUE DIVERSITY. Now more than ever the stakes are higher for women. In today’s business climate, it is crucial for businesses to attract and retain the best people and to develop a diverse infrastructure to stay competitive. Make the most of your unique talents and attributes, and value the diversity of those around you.

SET GOALS. It seems so simple, even cliché, but you’ve got to develop a real plan to get where you want to be. If you on’t, things might slip through your fingers and you’re more apt to lose your focus.

NETWORK. Women who aspire to building a successful career need to build supportive networks around them. You have to seek counsel from those you admire and respect, whether they are male or female, in the same type of work or wildly different.

EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES. Learn from them and move on. I’ve found that when women make mistakes, they can be particularly hard on themselves. Mistakes are usually not as big as you think.

EMBRACE CHANGE. No one knows what all the possibilities are for your career, so it’s really important to stay flexible and to embrace new opportunities. There are many ways to get from point A to point B. I’ve learned from personal experience that a change of direction can be a great career booster. Don’t be afraid of a little risk.

SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS. Surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed. The right mentorship and leadership will challenge you to excel. This, combined with your hard work, creates endless possibilities.