An Open Mind: A Catalyst for Growth and Success

To be successful in today’s fast-changing business environment, I truly believe that you must be flexible, adaptable, and willing to continuously learn. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to take on a variety of roles—from design engineering and engineering operations, to project management and business transformation, and everything in between. I managed diverse teams on a local and global scale. The challenging opportunities that I took on became the stepping-stones of my career growth. The accumulation of a variety of experiences unknowingly prepared me for something new and different, and all I needed to do was seek it out.

I have learned change is uncomfortable and unpredictable, and it does not follow the desired career path that I planned for myself. However, every position I took broadened my skill set, and sharpened m business and analytical acumen. These experiences enabled me to see the company holistically and inspired me to develop a better understanding of how things work.

If I can give advice to young women starting their careers, I would say hone your skills in the role that you have, but don’t limit yourself to only focusing on those skills. You have other skills that may be helpful in future roles. As you navigate your career, and as opportunities arise, be curious about the possibilities ahead. You can take small steps by taking roles that are adjacent to what you know and then reach for different and more challenging roles that are outside your comfort zone. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to check every box on a job description. Shoot for 75 percent and take the leap.

You may face occasional setbacks because of your inner doubts or external roadblocks you encounter along the way. Despite this, don’t be discouraged. Keep marching, and believe in yourself and your capability. Show anyone who doubts you exactly what you’re capable of and be persistent.

A career is much more than what you studied in school or what you or someone else perceived the ideal role to be; it is a journey of growth with ups and downs and setbacks. To have a long and satisfying career, don’t be afraid to take risks, continuously challenge yourself, and have an open mind as you consider and approach each new adventure.