Increasing Diversity in STEM

I hope my exemplary work life in science and engineering will inspire my daughter to pursue a life in a STEM field (so far, she is into bioengineering). We need to instill confidence in younger girls and get them into math, robotics, and science clubs early. We also need to think deeply about the toys they play with from the get-go!

Barriers to Closing the STEM Gender Gap

There are few role models and mentors for girls in elementary, middle, and high school. Often early on, children encounter only male math teachers and see few women in science.

How the STEM World Is Changing

There is more engagement by successful women in their limited circles and more women in STEM are being recognized, but this is only in developed countries. We need to lift girls in low-income and developing countries to parity with their male counterparts.

Moving Women Forward in STEM

STEM fields remain predominantly male. I am encouraged by the numerous programs and organizations focused on making STEM fields accessible to girls and motivating them to take part in these exciting areas of learning. I believe we need to continue to invest in and promote these programs.

I think it’s also important to mentor the next generation of women in STEM. At WilmerHale, I serve as a mentor to associates with an engineering background, as they learn the practice of IP law. I also serve as a member of the Diversity Committee in the firm’s Boston office because creating a welcoming environment for all lawyers, regardless of their diversity, is very important.

Outside the legal field, I remain dedicated to mentoring young girls. I served as a Girl Scout leader for my daughter’s troop, making sure the girls had opportunities to ponder the miracle of science and technology. The Girl Scouts worked toward their US Patent and Trademark Office Intellectual Property (IP) Patch with my guidance.

Women in STEM 5 Years Out

I see women moving into more leadership roles across all fields in STEM—from working in STEM careers to sitting on corporate boards and working as social influencers and entrepreneurs.