Holistic Risk Alignment for Bespoke Investment Strategies

In 2015, Min Zhang combined her investment expertise with her passion in entrepreneurship to start a company that evaluates risk in personal investment strategies to better help investment professionals guide their clients.

As CEO of Totum, Zhang is behind the first wealth management platform to analyze comprehensive human capital factors and portfolios. Totum is a pioneer of holistic, institutional-quality analytics and innovative solutions helping financial advisors differentiate their offerings, increase conversion, and grow their practice.

Owning up to the company name: Totum means “all, the whole” in Latin, the company focuses on a comprehensive package of data. It goes beyond traditional age and income to measure the impact of human capital factors, including health, family, career, financial strength, and hidden correlation. The company’s first product was designed to give financial advisors the tools they need to uncover and illustrate the unique risks in their clients’ lives as efficiently and digestibly as possible.

Born and raised in Shanghai, China, Min Zhang came to the United States to attend Dartmouth College. She earned a BS in in computer science and economics, and later went on for an MBA at Stanford University Graduate School of Business.

She’s gained a decade of institutional investing experience. Previously, she was director of investment risk management at Pacific Life. She also worked at PIMCO, Causeway Capital, and Nutmeg.com, where she developed quantitative investment models. While applying models to adequately look into risk exposures and to optimize investment strategies for institutional clients, she was inspired to leverage her expertise to make these tools available to individuals. With the aim of bringing a more comprehensive, informative approach to wealth management and investing, Zhang brought together a team and investors that shared her vision to create Totum Wealth.

She lives by the words, “adapt quickly, stay genuine, and be appreciative.” She is passionate about causes that build human capital including education, mental wellness, entrepreneurship, personal development, and reducing inequity. Zhang is active in helping young people and entrepreneurs pursue and develop their career goals through alumni associations and personal network. She coaches on topics like best practices on pitching, networking, career and startup best practices, and connects with others in an extensive network in finance, technology, and venture capital.