Invest in Yourself, Your Craft, and Your Relationships

Being a woman in business has its own unique set of challenges. Sometimes the challenges shift, depending on age. And sometimes challenges shift, depending on personal life chapters. Regardless of their background, executives should focus on performance, growth, and development on both personal and professional levels to be able to stay competitive and lead in their fields.

Whether you are the financial head of a household, a sole or single parent, or caretaker to others, you will have to find creative ways to juggle time and locations, and sometimes to find resources and family to help manage responsibilities and overall performance.

There is always some element of gender and racial bias in the world, but talent can trump it if you’re “best in class” at what you do. I have found that if you find good mentors and sponsors along your career path, it also helps you navigate the politics and career roads much more effectively.

Invest time in developing your skills, your network, your relationships, your craft, and your emotional intelligence. Sometimes timing, patience, and the unknown are working in your favor without you being consciously aware of it.