Putting People First and Driving Positive Change

It is incredibly rewarding to work for an organization that holds the same values as you do and puts people first. One of the reasons I entered the human resources profession was to make an impact on people, and Xandr places a great deal of importance on using its place in the industry to drive positive change. The impact of the coronavirus has been harder on certain communities, so this is an important time to come together and contribute however you can.

Recently, Xandr donated $200,000 across several wonderful organizations, such as Save the Children, and our Employee Resource Groups have been hard at work supporting vulnerable communities and those affected most by the coronavirus. Our Tech for Good team has also been providing public health and safety PSAs. Our mission is to make advertising better, so I’m proud to be a part of a company culture that can inspire positive change.

We have also been working on an ongoing effort to embed antiracist and inclusive practices and policies into our systems and everyday lives. Our approach to diversity and inclusion is to create equal opportunities for everyone, both within Xandr and in the communities and industries where we operate. To do this, we call on all employees from the executive level to entry level to participate, and the dedication and hard work of our Employee Resource Groups at Xandr truly shows. These groups play a critical role in helping foster a diverse and inclusive culture by creating spaces for people of all backgrounds to feel a sense of belonging, advocating for change, providing skills development, and supporting our communities.

We will continue to work on new programs and policies designed to take care of our Black employees, leverage leadership, engage partners and allies to create meaningful change, and ensure sustained corporate engagement. This word “sustained” is critical because we must sustain the conversation, momentum, and action. We cannot become complacent. This is the key to driving long-term change, both within the company and outside our walls, when it comes to diversity and inclusion initiatives.