Over my career, I have picked up a few attitudes and practices essential to my professional and personal success. Though strength comes in self-discovery, I wish I had known these when I first started out, and I am honored to share them.

Knowing myself. I spend time planning and acting on personal development that works for me. I encourage self-awareness, recognizing one’s strengths and weaknesses, and finding ways to grow professionally that are effectivesome of us learn by going to classes, but most of us learn more through real-life relationships and experiences.

Self-competition. I think self-competition is healthy, and I compete against my own goals and best effort, rather than competition with others. I also enjoy helping others achieve their professional goals through self-competition, and championing and celebrating their successes.

Focus. I discipline myself and prioritize time to achieve the highest-impact results. This focus sets boundaries for a successful career and life. There is always more work to be done, and it takes self-discipline to realize true priorities and live accordingly. This never gets easy!

Confidence. Setting and achieving hard-toreach but reasonable goals has helped build my confidence to take on new challenges. I encourage women to take on tough, messy challenges, achieve against ambitious goals, and build a track record of results. Learn to deliver big and celebrate bigger!

Toughness. I have become comfortable accepting risk and planning to win rather than trying not to lose. An attitude of ‘change=opportunity’ has been very helpful. I accept responsibility for my own destiny and expect to work hard to achieve. I don’t expect things to always go my way.

Faith. My relationship with God is a source of strength for me and I enjoy giving back with an attitude of gratitude.