How to Prepare for Mental Warfare

If there are two words that sum up many women’s journeys to the top of their careers, navigating gender bias, breaking through the glass ceiling, and especially, while simultaneously having babies or managing families, those two words would be . . .


We all go through moments where, BAM, in a matter of a year, a day, or even a hour, our world flips us upside down and inside out.

How do you handle the grenades?

How do you fend off the assassins who seem to have one mission: to TAKE YOU OUT?

I am Megan Marsh, the CEO & founder of Co/LAB Lending, a mortgage brokerage that is trying to change the opportunities and mindset of the people, especially, the women in my office and Industry with my message about Mental Warfare.

We all engage in Mental Warfare throughout our personal and professional lives. For some, these moments of warfare are handled unknowingly. The problem is that we let adversity keep us from achieving our goals and dreams. I teach others that you can rise above the battles if you develop armor and weapons before they happen. That way, when the battles appear, you will be prepared!

There are things you can do to strengthen your mental muscles—to build GRIT—so you can go after your goals and dreams with a passion and determination that far exceeds any single challenge or difficulty.

I am creating a space where women can thrive in the real estate and mortgage industries by taking the blueprint used by my company and teaching it to others. My cofounder, Andres Munar, and I have created a course titled Mortgage Broker FastTrack, and a franchise called Co/LAB Lending, where women can flourish.

One of the greatest powers you can develop is self-control—to train your mind to go where you want it to go, to handle any situation calmly, and to stand tall when someone doesn’t believe in what you can see or when someone comes at you aggressively. Learning to regulate and manage your emotions is also a powerful tool.

Remember, you can pivot and find success no matter who or where, or what you have been through, including if you need to switch directions or start over.