What Matters Most Is Happy Clients

I love being an Merger & Acquisitions lawyer. I get to help my clients achieve their goals, find creative solutions to complex problems, and work with interesting and accomplished people every day. I am hired by founders and entrepreneurs looking to build their businesses and prepare for liquidity transactions. I am honored to be a valued member of their team, and use my skills and experience as an M&A lawyer to navigate successful transactions. I am challenged and excited to test my knowledge and assist my clients in finding practical and targeted solutions to the various issues that arise over the course of a transaction.

And, the best part is that I get to spend my days working with successful founders and entrepreneurs that have spent years passionately building and scaling their businesses. They are truly inspiring!

My clients work in a commercial environment, and my job is to understand both their pain points and their end game, and then to give advice regarding the risks involved and possible solutions. I could never do my job well without a team of outstanding colleagues and the support of my family. My family grounds me and gives me perspective that I use daily in my conversations with clients and my negotiations with opposing counsel.

What matters to me most is having happy clients at the end of a transaction. Here is a recent testimonial from a client:

“It was an absolute pleasure working with you. We could not have dreamed of a better partner to navigate through this energy-intensive process. Your team, in general, and you in particular, have been nothing short of amazing. Not only did you consistently demonstrate sharp expertise on the legal front, it also felt like you always had our best interests at heart—two key factors to power through in such a high-stakes context.”