It’s Never Too Early to Mentor

Professional women have made great strides in advancing to the forefront of business and the law. We are leaders, we are powerful, and we have demonstrated time and again that we can generate results in fields traditionally dominated by men.

But, we still have a long way to go.

Part of the responsibility professional women have is not only being great at what we do, but also bringing the next generation of young female leadership with us to the top. One way we can accomplish this goal is by strengthening our commitment to mentorship. Mentoring young or inexperienced professionals is an investment in the future of our organizations and the success of the future workforce. It’s a way that we can influence the current culture of our organizations, and ensure that our workplace and our industry reflect our own values.

We are all forging our own paths through the professional jungle, but not without the support of others.

Along my journey, I have encountered new challenges—many of which have made me feel uncomfortable at the time and unsure of my ability to rise to the task. In those moments, my mentors have made all the difference in pushing me toward success. I have been, and continue to be, very fortunate to have mentors that take genuine interest in my growth as a patent litigator, the trajectory of my career, and my personal well-being and happiness.

The next generation of young professional women is smart, tech savvy, and driven to succeed. But they will still need someone to show them the ropes, encourage them, and give them the tools needed to tackle the thorniest issues presented to them by clients or their organizations. That is why it is increasingly critical that female leadership commits to guiding junior women professionals toward success, and takes a larger role in “raising” the next generation of female leaders.

The great thing is, it is never too early to start being someone’s mentor. As many of us continue our climb to the top, we have the opportunity to start making an impact by taking the time to guide those who come after us.

Now is the time for all of us to pay it forward.