As a woman, it’s important to be comfortable with who you are. You should be willing to accept coaching, but you have to speak up if something doesn’t make sense. You should also be willing to take risks, go outside your comfort zone. You’re capable of doing and accomplishing more than you think. But make sure you have a healthy balance in your life and a perspective on what’s important.

Having a mentor is rewarding for both the mentee and the mentor. Sharing experiences and mistakes takes some of the stress out of situations and doubles the joy of sharing in the successes. I’ve had several mentors throughout my career and have the pleasure of mentoring others now. I learn a lot from my mentees, and I really enjoy mentoring; it reenergizes me.

Success in corporate America needs to start with being competent at what you do. An individual must also possess strong leadership skills, passion, and a strong sense of accountability for what they do.