I have always felt a calling to develop deep connections with others, recognizing every relationship as an individual thread in the tapestry of my life. This focus on leveraging supportive networks, building relationships, and engaging others has been greatly beneficial to my success.

From an early age, my parents instilled in me the belief that the opportunities for my life were boundless and that anything was possible. Their belief in me gave me great confidence and made me realize the importance of having a strong support system of advocates on your behalf. Taking on leadership positions in school and athletics, I began to live out that mindset, acting as a role model to peers, and paying forward the vote of confidence that was so inherently passed on to me.

Early in my career, I recognized that same connectedness as being an essential element of success in the business world as well. I began participating in the Menttium program, a mentorship organization dedicated to advancing professional development by creating personal connections across networks. My mentor was a retired SVP of Sears, deeply passionate about empowering women to break the glass ceilings existing in business life. The program facilitated a one-year mentoring relationship, but the connection I fostered with my mentor lasted much longer and made a significant impression on my personal and professional development.

My climb up the corporate ladder was enhanced by supportive relationships like this, and as a leader, I believe it is essential for me to pass along to others a positive experience, similar to what I received when someone took a chance on me. I continued my involvement with Menttium, only this time as mentor to a young woman from Texas, working in the corporate field across the border in Mexico. The significance of mentorships became even more evident as I saw the lack of development opportunities available to my mentee, and I realized the immense importance of ensuring advocacy for women in all stages of professional development.

Now, as newly appointed co-leader of the Women’s leadership Forum (WolF) at Best Buy, I believe the vitality of mentorship will come to fruition even more, with WolF acting as the catalyst for engaging and inspiring individuals through a network of strong supporters. And it is through a solid foundation like this that individuals can relate to one another, help each other succeed, and become better leaders in the process.