I have learned many lessons over the course of my 22-year career. Here are the fundamental truths that have served me well every step of the way.

Work Hard. Believe In Your Abilities. Never Stop Learning. When I began my career at Vanguard after college, I started out as an accountant. The irony of this was not lost on me. As those who know me can appreciate, accounting was not my passion. Nevertheless, I believed in my ability to learn what was necessary to do the job well. What I lacked in technical knowledge I would overcome with lots of hard work. I was ready for any challenge. These beliefs served me well in my very first job and have ever since.

Problems Are Opportunities. Search For Solutions. Always Do The Right Thing. Stay focused, get the facts and evaluate solutions when confronted with problems, challenges or surprises. There is something very energizing about working through tough situations for the best possible solution. Furthermore, doing the right thing, even when it is unpopular and difficult, has been incredibly rewarding. Why?Well, being able to stand by my decisions and respect myself are a part of it. More importantly, though, others have come to know that they can rely on me to do what’s right.

Treat Everyone You Meet With Respect, Consideration And Dignity. Value Diversity. Be Open To Debate. I learned these lessons at a very young age (thanks to my parents, three sisters and a brother), and they’re just as relevant today as they were then. No matter how far you may go in your career, or how impressive your credentials may be, never hold yourself in higher esteem than you do those around you. Some of the best ideas come from unexpected sources. By inviting diverse points of view and being willing to debate issues, I’ve made better decisions.

Work For a Company You Respect And Which Respects You. Getting up every day and going to work has always been easy for me because I love the company I work for and the work that I do. My final bit of advice to others is to find this for yourself. Many of you will spend more hours working than in any other endeavor in your lifetime. If you haven’t found a company you respect, don’t stop looking until you do.