How STEM Is Changing the World

Some of today’s biggest challenges are being overcome by people in STEM fields. Scientists are researching and developing new energy methods. Technology is evolving so rapidly that it has become part of almost every aspect of our daily lives. Engineering is continuing to tackle challenges, and as one is tackled another one arises. Mathematics is sone of the tools we use to do all of that. This is why it is so important that we provide access to a quality education that builds skills and fluency in STEM fields.

Women in STEM 5 Years Out

I see the future of women in STEM as strong and exciting. There are energetic, smart, confident women leading the way and breaking down barriers. As awareness grows, more women and men will encourage girls and young women to choose STEM paths. I believe that STEM careers will be more enticing, and not as intimidating, to women as barriers are broken and stereotypes disappear.

My Experiences in STEM

I’ve been pretty lucky as a woman in a STEM career; I’ve had more positive experiences than negative. I have a very supportive family and strong, successful parents who are considered experts in their respective fields. My family encouraged independence, demanded hard work, and fostered math and science education. My education from elementary school through high school cultivated math and science for all types of students. I entered college ready to literally “be whatever I want to be.”

In my career, I have been extremely fortunate to have had supportive bosses and mentors who nurtured my development. However, I have also felt as if I needed to work harder than my male peers to prove that I deserved a seat at the table. The foundation from my family, guidance from my mentors, support from my husband, and working hard, has given me the confidence to know I belong at the table and that I have earned my management position, despite being the only woman in the room.

Thirteen years ago, I was one of fewer than five women at Corrpro in a STEM position. Now I’m one of many. However, progress does not mean parity. Being a woman in a STEM career has its challenges, particularly if you work in environments that are male dominated. Young girls and women must learn to believe in themselves, stay true to themselves, and refuse to be discouraged as they pursue careers in STEM.