Success Was Right There Waiting for Me

If you had told me during law school that I’d be running a law firm—let alone a law firm I cofounded—at the age of 38, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. But with the launch of Glenn Agre Bergman & Fuentes LLP in February, I’m doing just that.

Throughout law school and my early professional career, I understood the typical path of a law firm lawyer, and what is generally necessary to succeed. But no one told me that my current position could ever become a reality. No one ever said, flat out, that I could shatter the glass ceiling (or, better yet, construct my own building without a roof) if I wanted to. But with a solid work ethic, a knack for relationship building, a passion for leadership, and unwavering hustle, I quickly learned my future success was right there, waiting for me to grab it.

As a founding partner of a newly launched law firm, and a mom of two girls under the age of 5, some might assume I can never come up for air. And while that may seem true on some days, I strive to remain grounded and true to who I am at heart—a driven, yet fundamentally fair and kind person—which has only helped me excel, both as a mom and a lawyer. I aim to inspire other women and show them that they can truly “have it all,” in whatever way, shape, or form they want that to take.

Looking forward, I am excited about the future of our firm. I will continue to play a key role in our hiring and recruiting efforts of both legal and non-legal staff, and will work to ensure that Glenn Agre is a diverse and inclusive firm. Mentoring will always be a passion of mine, and it’s important to me to make my office a safe space, with my door always open to listen to concerns, give practical advice, and make change happen for the better. I have no doubt there is a next generation of lawyers harvesting the same aspirations and passions I’ve always had, and I look forward to watching their stories unfold, and helping in any way I can.