Client Focus and Operational Excellence

As a managing director at one of the world’s leading financial groups, Marianne Bamonte is passionate about both her career and with helping other women succeed.

As MUFG Union Bank’s managing director and Global Trust Services head, Bamonte leads a team of over 200 employees and is responsible for three lines of business – Corporate Trust Services, Global Custody Services, and Liquidity Agency Solutions.

Her colleagues say she fosters a culture of client focus and operational excellence within the organization. She’s known for approaching the business from a strategic level while understanding the details on implementation.

The words she lives by are “treat others as you would like to be treated and remember everyone has abilities and skills, but the difference is what you do with them or help others to do with them,” Bamonte said. Her colleagues say she instills in her team the four P’s: passion, perseverance, patience, and persuasion.

As a mentor, she recently shared her career perspectives on a panel hosted by the bank’s employee resource group Women’s Initiatives Network. Being a woman in her profession has been challenging at times earlier in her career, given that there were few women executives to act as mentors or sponsors, she said.” Being a woman with few role models allowed me a better appreciation and understanding of the critical importance of seeking strong personnel and leadership teams with different backgrounds and various life experiences,” she added.

Women leaders should have a “passion for learning and for all people sprinkled with patience and perseverance to achieve success,” she said.

She says her biggest career leap was moving from a teaching position to a bank retirement client services representative position, altering her career focus and path. “What I learned from this major career path movement is that it is imperative to embrace change, not fight it. I also learned to try to feed your mind every day just as you do your body. Hunger for new learning opportunities,” she said.

She remembers when it became apparent to her that her present career was the right place for her. “It became clear that I was truly making a difference, improving our service experiences by providing best in class asset administration solutions and high touch relationship management to our clients for their investment portfolios,” Bamonte said.