What can be done to increase diversity in STEM fields?

Effectively increasing diversity in STEM fields begins with equity and inclusivity. Cultivating an inclusive environment in schools that creates awareness of STEM careers is critical. By offering role models and mentorship opportunities, we can give young people tangible examples of what they can achieve.

Organizations can improve recruitment and hiring practices to ensure diverse candidates are considered for STEM positions. Use blind resumes to remove bias, expand recruiting efforts to reach underrepresented groups and provide training to eliminate unconscious bias during the hiring process.

Sustaining diversity in STEM requires ongoing investment in professional development, leadership training and networking opportunities among individuals from all backgrounds. By supporting the success of diverse groups in STEM, we foster a more inclusive field.

What can be done to move women forward in STEM?

Creating support networks of women and allies can help women navigate the landscape of STEM careers. Professional associations, mentorship opportunities, and social platforms can facilitate connections and foster a sense of belonging, making women feel included and empowered.

Organizations must prioritize diversity and inclusion in their hiring and promotion practices, ensuring women have equal opportunities to succeed. Lastly, celebrating the achievements of women in STEM creates positive visibility. Recognizing the contributions of trailblazing women can inspire future generations to pursue careers in STEM, leading to a more diverse and innovative workforce.

Where do you see women in STEM in five years?

In the next five years, I envision a continued shift in the representation of women in STEM, with more women involved as leaders, innovators and creators. The momentum generated by diversity initiatives and ongoing conversations will create an environment where women thrive and contribute significantly to technological and scientific advancements.

I foresee a rise in women-led startups, harnessing different perspectives to address challenges at a global level, and creating sustainable, groundbreaking solutions. As organizations continue implementing diversity measures, I expect women to occupy a greater number of C-suite and executive positions, shaping policies and inspiring future generations.

The integration of technology into our daily lives will provide expanded opportunities to explore the intersection of STEM and other fields, forging new career paths and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.