After a bruising experience in engineering, she’s dedicated to bringing DEI to more workplaces

When you learn about my background, you may be surprised that I am in the field of diversity, equity, and inclusion. My undergraduate studies led to degrees in computer science and electrical engineering. While it might seem counterintuitive that I am now leading a diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting firm, my experience working in a predominantly white, male field led me to this career choice.

Prior to joining The Winters Group, I worked as an engineer at a large defense contractor. My experiences of often being the only Black woman in my workspaces, and the biases and microaggressions that came along with that, led to my passion for diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice work. At The Winters Group, we are committed to creating a more inclusive, equitable and just world. We work with clients that have employees who share similar experiences to my own.

Black women in engineering are still not common. And women in science and tech jobs leave at higher rates than their male counterparts. Research cites hostility, isolation, work styles and conditions as the primary reasons for higher attrition rates. These reasons mirror my experience. Working in a male-dominated environment, with no one (or very few) who looked like me, had a profound impact on my ability to thrive in that work environment.

I decided that I did not want others to endure my experience. I wanted to try to “change the equation” – or least be a factor in creating the change. So, I found my way to diversity, equity, and inclusion work. DEI strives to create spaces where everyone feels they belong and can be authentic. Our work at The Winters Group includes challenging inequitable systems and helping clients to create inclusive cultures. We guide organizations to interrogate inequities and create solutions that dismantle unjust systems.

After my 12 years in the DEI field, I believe that we have seen progress, but we have also experienced setbacks. I choose to not let the setbacks discourage me from the mission I was called to do. Diversity and inclusion work is increasingly more difficult as we witness more attacks on our efforts to create fair and just work environments. I am committed to stay the course to create a world that works for all.