When you Google the definition of “man•pow•er,” you get “the number of people working or is available for work or service.” Building on that definition, I believe in “mom•pow•er”—that is, the number of mothers working in executive positions and actively raising multiple children and proudly championing their partner’s careers and, in some cases, still finding the energy to volunteer and, in other cases, still finding time for themselves and somehow still finding a way to rinse and repeat! And, I believe that the world could benefit from more of us.

Why? Because mothers in executive positions can meaningfully shape the culture, set the bar for productivity, and diversify the ideas at work to describe a few of the ways we can impact growth.

  • Culture: When I took an extended maternity leave for my second child and breastfed for a little over a year while working, I agonized about what my intermittent presence would do to my team’s engagement. Instead, it soared. My team shared that one of the reasons they were so much happier at work was because my commitment to family and work liberated all of the mothers and fathers to prioritize their personal and professional needs as well. Our team now proudly declares that we come to work for our customers, our shareholders, and our families; and we treat each other like family too. It’s a much more empathetic workplace as a result.
  • Productivity: My mother-in-law once asked me, “How do you survive being the first one up (to take care of the baby) and the last one to bed (to complete work) at home?” America might run on Dunkin’®, I run on love. Love for my family and my work. I carry over a similar devotion, a similar pride, a similar set of aspirations for my kids and for my husband into my job. This positive energy helps me believe anything is possible—and a lot is possible. I am both overwhelmed and inspired by all that working mothers are able to accomplish.
  • Ideas: My boys teach me every day to be more patient, listen better, and appreciate and run with their ideas, including co-creating Halloween costumes like an astronaut in a rocket. They also challenge me to get more creative with my own ideas. What if…? They continually ask. What if…? We continually ask.

Like Helen in the Incredibles 2 movie, let’s aim for more heroines who are moms!

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