Serving as Electronic Arts’ chief people officer, Mala Singh focuses on developing talent and cultivating the company culture. In this critical position, she oversees human resources, talent acquisition, facilities and corporate services.

Having taken a strong lead in organizational development and culture change, she helped redefined the company’s HR strategy. By incorporating HR data analytics into the goal-setting process and refocusing on employee experience and recognition, she empowers teams to do their best work and drive the company to be faster and more disruptive.

Singh brings a rare blend of broad experience, a commitment to her people, and knowledge of the talent and teamwork it takes to power a digitally driven organization. She spent nearly six years in various HR leadership roles at Electronic Arts, starting as HR lead for the Asia Pacific region and ultimately serving as vice president of HR for EA Labels.

“I’m proud to have had an incredibly diverse career – different geographies, settings, roles – and the privilege of working with and helping develop people across those varied experiences,” says Singh. “What I’ve learned by working in so many different cultures is the importance of listening carefully, analyzing the situation to find the right approach, and helping remove barriers that get in the way of people doing the best work of their careers.”

“I was born in a Guyanese village and brought up in Indian culture. My parents left behind so much so I could have a better education and more opportunities. But, they still clung to many expectations for me as a woman in our culture. My biggest obstacle was breaking out of those cultural expectations,” explains Singh.

“It took the right mentorships at the right times to help me build the confidence to make those difficult choices. That’s something I always keep in mind and continue to tell my teams. As we step forward, we also need to remember to reach out to others, to listen and be proactive in helping someone else grow and achieve their goals.”

Singh advises other women to have the courage to ask for the support needed. “Don’t wait to be developed by someone else. Seek out the opportunities that will help you grow,” she offers.