My favorite quote is from Booker T. Washington: “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.”

I wasn’t fortunate to come from a nurturing and loving home where parents supported me. In fact, I was emancipated as a teenager and then raised my younger brother. As I progressed through those early adult years that were filled with mistakes, there were lessons that I learned and used to help me succeed. They are simple yet powerful tools.

I always complete and fulfill my commitments. My colleagues, clients, friends, and family know that about me. I have distinguished myself on many occasions, improved my relationships, and been presented with numerous leadership opportunities because I do exactly what I commit to do. My word is my most valuable asset.

Secondly, I always work hard and focus on accomplishing tasks one day at a time. I have overcome challenges that others thought were impossible. I am never dissuaded by the effort or time necessary to achieve monumental things.
I always spend my time wisely by not dwelling on what I cannot change. I don’t harbor anger. I always look to the future.

Finally, I make my health a priority. I know very well the negative results of not doing this. With the demands of work and travel, it is often challenging to eat, rest, and exercise properly. I think of my body as a vehicle, and as such I make a concerted effort to be healthy every day.

My personal path to success was neither effortless nor traditional, yet it shaped the confident, highly successful person I have become.

What does it take to succeed and stay competitive in your position/field?

My specialized practice involves counseling businesses on regulatory, law enforcement, and policy issues involving state attorneys general. Beyond mastering each case’s complex interaction of law, policy, and politics, developing quality relationships is essential to my success. I formerly was in-house at a Fortune 200 company, which taught me that the best lawyers focus on a company’s context and objectives beyond a specific matter. I work to understand my clients’ businesses and create deep, lasting relationships based on their unique needs and goals. I also focus on knowing and building long-term relationships with state AGs and their staff. The mutual trust and respect this fosters allows me to reach out proactively and educate them on my clients’ businesses, providing a better result for both parties.