Fueling Passion: An Odyssey of Self-Betterment and Harmonious Living

From good to better to best: that’s my lifelong self improvement journey.

Passion, they say, is the fuel that drives our ambitions, and my passion resides in the constant endeavor to become a better version of myself. This pursuit of personal evolution rooted deeply across both my personal and my professional life.

My professional life began as a senior packaging engineer after graduating from Auburn University with a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering. From the onset, my technical expertise served as a crucial foundation in the early years of my career. However, the yearning for more challenges and a broader scope have led to my career transitions into different roles and different companies over the years. During each of the transitions, I sought new challenges that would push my boundaries beyond my comfort zone. Along with the challenges, there were opportunities to immerse myself in a larger universe of learning and self-improvement.

Today, as the director of advanced packaging engineering at AMD, I am continuously looking for opportunities to learn and grow. My passion extends beyond my technical aptitude; it reaches into the sphere of personal development and extends to my team. I believe that as we grow individually, we grow collectively.

My commitment to personal betterment isn’t about being better than others but is driven by the belief that as long as we’re growing, we’re succeeding. This philosophy propels me to strive for excellence, inspire my team, and create an environment that fuels innovation and problem-solving at work.

While my career is a significant part of my life, it isn’t my only focus. Outside work, I am a wife to a wonderful husband and a mother to two fantastic daughters. I strive for harmonious relationships and work on being a better parent every day. My quest for betterment is not about perfection but harmony and growth, creating an enriching environment for my family. My various roles feed into my career, fostering resilience, patience, and the ability to juggle diverse tasks.

In essence, knowing that I’m continually evolving, whether it’s inspiring my team to grow professionally or creating harmony at home is the fuel that keeps me motivated; understanding that growth is an ongoing journey, not a destination drives my ambition, and fills my life with a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.