Let’s Do Great Work Together

Knowing what Innovative Learning Group (ILG) does to help people and organizations be successful is a major influence in what ignites my passion. ILG provides learning and performance support solutions to employees of Fortune 1000 companies. Every day we help people acquire new skills and knowledge that help them do their jobs better and progress in their careers. If people can thrive in their careers and better provide for themselves and their families, they can improve the quality of their lives. This is a pretty cool component of what we do as a company.

Additionally, actually running ILG is another professional passion. I attribute my success to hard work and taking a practical, hands-on approach to leading. I’m very clear about what I’m good at and what I’m not so good at; therefore, I make it a point to surround myself with talented people. It’s natural for me to set a goal, determine the steps I need to get there, and then work the plan every day.

When I was growing up, I played musical instruments and sports. I learned you can’t start the recital piece the day before the concert or get in shape the day before the big game. You have to show up and practice every single day with intense focus and commitment to the task at hand.

My standards are always high. While I’m pleased with the 96 percent that is right, I’m intensely focused on the 4 percent that isn’t quite there yet. I live in the future and am very comfortable with delayed gratification. I’m in the business for the long haul and able to take a long-range view as I identify strategies and make decisions.

ILG’s culture is one of collaboration, accountability, and respect. Roles are defined, people have the skills to do the job, and they want to do the job. Expectations are set, the right tools are provided, rewards are aligned with desired performance, and opportunities are available for employees to build new skills. Part of our vision reads, “Attract talented people who want to work with us, do good work, and enjoy what they do.” And this is my goal—to create an environment where employees, freelancers, and clients want to come every day, have fun, and do great work together.