Terex Director Tells Women, “Believe in and Challenge Yourself”

Linda Kay’s first proper job, post-university, was as a quality engineer for an automotive switchgear company. Her first task there was to analyze boxes full of returned warranty parts (switches, indicators, wiper levers, and so on). Her boss gave her a set of screwdrivers and showed her how the test equipment worked. She analyzed products for six months. It was the best hands-on training she could ever have wish for.

Today, Linda oversees all product development activities for the Terex construction business and leads a team of eight managers. She is dedicated to continuing to improve the way Terex manages product development and to providing a product customers want, while ensuring the required financial returns for the business.

“I knew my present career was what I wanted to do when the first product I developed rolled off the production line,” said Linda. “Seeing designs come to life and then finally into the hands of customers is something that I continue to love doing.”

Linda is equally passionate about supporting women in the engineering field, and offers the following advice to women who wish to pursue that path:

  • Believe in your abilities and pursue the career you want
  • Put yourself into challenging situations/roles; you will be amazed at what you are capable of
  • Keep learning; you can learn from everyone around you, every day

“I was given an opportunity to try a different role. Now I try to do the same for others,” she said.

Linda has a bachelor of engineering (Hons) from Coventry University, England.