Inspiring through Design

Linda Conklin is known along the Eastern seaboard for inspiration. Over the past two decades, the design expert has earned a reputation for creating innovative spaces with an inspiring, modern, and timeless appeal.

Conklin’s clients say design is part of her DNA. Some say she knows them better than they know themselves and her unique designs have an imaginative, intelligent personality that brings them to life.

As founder and CEO of Seasons, Conklin says every space is unique and taking the initiative to really get to know her clients brings uniformity and flow to the atmosphere of her projects. Her work spans residential, commercial and hospitality spaces.

Conklin’s colleagues say her enthusiasm is contagious. She thrives on innovation and creative energy, with her work having a powerful impact on the environment she is working within. She said this requires building a unique team around background and expertise, cultural experiences and thinking styles for each individual project. It also entails coordinating with architects, manufacturers and builders for creating the right atmosphere. “Diversity improves critical thinking,” Conklin said.

Operating from Seasons, her showroom on Hilton Head Island, Conklin’s vast design expertise is in luxury real estate along the Eastern seaboard. She has spearheaded unique projects, including glass houses, round houses, and premium space in New York, Chicago, Pennsylvania, as well North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Many are on the cutting-edge of the voice of the interior design industry nationwide.

“For some clients, great designs evolve from stepping out of your comfort zone. For others it’s about simplicity, clean lines, and modernization,” Conklin said. While technologies advance, styles evolve, and challenges come, ultimately she says design centers around people and how they feel and interact.

She knows diversity is a catalyst for innovation, through leadership and creativity. With female design firm leadership at about 25 percent worldwide, Conklin’s business is gender diverse. Her teams differ from project to project and are valued as rich in cognitive diversity, with differing backgrounds, experiences and perspectives pulled together to achieve the goals of a specific project.

She works with other designers, industry manufacturers, trade associations and market centers around the world. She also supports and advocates for education, design excellence, leadership, accreditation, and outreach to enhance value and understanding of the design profession. Her advice to other women leaders is “believe in yourself and let your inspiration shine through in everything you do.”