People Are Still Our Most Valuable Asset

One of the most intrinsically fulfilling realizations you can have as a professional is the realization that you’ve positively impacted a life, a career, or a thought process in order to meet a critical business or personal need.

Our daily opportunities for human contact are becoming more limited in this era of technology, automation, and artificial intelligence. The popular ad slogan “Reach out and touch someone” has never been more relevant than it is right now. It is our innate ability as human beings to collaborate and problem solve; we need to continue to practice this, especially now, in a business arena where the practice is no longer required but continues to be imperative.

The person-to-person relationship will always be at the heart of business success and what drives a healthy bottom line. We should be diligent in not losing sight of one another as individuals and of our value to the data-driven profitability equation. That we are all imperfectly human, but filled with brainstorming capability and innovative ideas, must be taught to those entering the workforce. It will be a point of competitive advantage as companies adopt lower cost, automated options for efficiency.

This is why I appreciate the opportunity to work for a company that is genuinely, 100 percent focused on human capital—re-investing in our own people and our clients, re-imagining possibilities, and rewarding progressive thinking. People are truly our most valuable assets.