Say Yes to Help and Maybe You Can Have it All

My husband once asked me, “If you were asked to solve the work/life balance issue for your company, what would you tell them?” I didn’t have an answer, and now, with two little boys and a job I love, I’m just not sure there is one simple solution. Most days I’m either missing a big kindergarten event or a meeting that I “needed” to be in, but no one can be in two places at once.

I’ve learned to prioritize when I need to be present wherever I am and relish in the big moments here or there. I am lucky enough to absolutely love my job and have coworkers to lean on, and believe that’s the key to my success at BOTH my posts. Without bosses who understand my conflicts, or a community of friends and family who will cover for me when I can’t make it to field day, I could drown in the guilt.

Be honest about how hard it can be, and say YES to help! Coworkers understand and neighbors do too; embrace being a hardworking parent and maybe, just maybe, you can have it all.