My STEM Experience

I am blessed to both come from a family, and have managers, who taught me that nothing was impossible and that each person has an equal right to be heard, to lead, to hold a position and have the ability to succeed. I often see that even the quietest, the youngest, or the woman with fewest years of industry experience can make a huge impact or come up with a great solution.

As my career advanced, I was fortunate to mentor and support many engineers and managers, ensuring that they received equal work experiences, opportunities, and salaries, and helping them improve their skills to help them achieve their full potential.

As part of my team at West, I have met wonderful individuals, each with a unique set of skills and strengths. However, what caused us all to thrive and succeed in developing and bringing to market great products, is that we are a strong, close team, where each person can work individually, with the collective knowledge, strength, and support of the team. In this fast-paced, highly regulated, high-tech industry, this is a vital need.

Barriers to Closing the Gender Gap in STEM

There are several barriers to closing the gender gap in STEM. The following are a few of the primary barriers:

  • Work-life balance, especially for women with young age children
  • More accessible and affordable childcare education system
  • Extended and affordable maternity and paternity leave

The Changing World of STEM

Throughout history, humanity’s respect for and belief in STEM has varied. Even during our lifetime, we see evidence of that. We are increasing the number of scientists, engineers, mathematicians, physicians, and health-care professionals, but we are still at the beginning of our path.

Every day, wonderful and unique achievements are being made in STEM fields. With that comes a need for science, engineering, and critical thinking to be more accessible, with easy-to-grasp explanations and demonstrations, and communication paths that can reach a wider audience. Access to various content platforms, social and collaborative tools, data-sharing technologies, data analysis, and the Cloud are enabling this more and more.