Increasing Diversity in STEM

We can increase diversity across STEM fields by continuing to invest in programs that allow women and diverse candidates to pursue STEM degrees and explore STEM careers. By celebrating and highlighting the diversity already present in STEM, we let younger talent know that there is a community of support within STEM that they can learn from and depend on.

STEM Women on the Move

It is important that we continue to encourage young women to pursue degrees and careers in STEM. It is also vital that those women encounter a strong network of programs and support from other women in STEM to keep then engaged, and that they understand that there endless options in STEM available to them.

The Changing World of STEM

With technology advancing at lightning speed, there are now more opportunities than ever in STEM. As we begin to embrace these opportunities, we will see more advancement opportunities for women and diverse candidates in these fields across the board.

Women in STEM 5 Years Out

I see us continuing to close the gender gap and increasing our percentage in leadership and other influential positions across the globe. We will continue to increase the impact of the legacies we are creating as we pursue our own careers in STEM.

My Own STEM Experience

Earlier on in my career, it was difficult and challenging to be a woman in STEM. I was not aware of many programs and other avenues of support that could help guide me through my career options. Because of that, I did not always make the best choices when it came to selecting positions. This lack of knowledge hindered my growth.

Once I was at Excellus, that all changed. Here, there was plenty of support from leadership regarding many aspects of my career path. There were also opportunities to seek out mentors and participate in programs, internally and externally, that allowed me to enhance my skill set and helped me grow as a leader. During my time here at Excellus, I have made great career choices and have learned so much along the way. Now I look for opportunities to encourage young women to pursue degrees in STEM, and coach and mentor women who work in STEM fields in order to support them in reaching their career goals.