Kristin Courcy is the director of finance at L3 Communication Systems- West, a division of L3 Technologies, Inc., responsible for finance-related aspects of a $1-billion division. Her executive responsibilities include negotiating financial terms with customers, ensuring company financial commitments and metrics are obtained, and leading financial discipline throughout the organization.

Previously, Courcy served as a corporate audit manager for L3, working alongside CFOs to ensure strong financial compliance. She brings focused financial discipline to the business, increasing financial analysis capabilities and strengthening key customer relationships. She leads a diverse organization, is a strong advocate for developing female talent across the company, and serves as a sponsor of L3’s Finance Rotational Development Program.

Courcy has received multiple company awards and strengthens her position in the industry by maintaining her certified public accounting license. As a result of her innovative approach, L3’s corporation accounting platforms have been upgraded, financial processes and control structures strengthened, and operational processes streamlined. Finally, Courcy is dedicated to mentoring women and ensuring that they have access to relationships and opportunities across the business enterprise.

“Diversity and inclusion is about equality,” says Courcy. “Every individual deserves an opportunity, regardless of ethnicity, genetic makeup, position or background. As challenges or barriers arise, whether real or imagined, if we don’t let them impact our personal sense of worth or ability to succeed, we are paving the way to true equality.”

She continues, “Diversity of thought produces optimized business outcomes. As teams of individuals with diverse backgrounds work together, they develop a familiarity that creates an environment of trust. When companies work to create this kind of workplace, everyone feels valued, and the company is able to out-innovate, out-produce and outperform its competitors.”

Courcy shares her own experience with future women leaders, “I have found that by seeking mentors, setting goals, working collaboratively and keeping my skills at the top of my game, I have been able to build bridges that allow me to navigate over the obstacles.”