Dear Reader: Have you written down your purpose or aspiration? If not, then it’s time to do it! If yes, do you revisit it? Do you share it with others? Personally, I think it should be such an aspiration that when you look at it at age 75, you will feel you did not limit yourself – something big, a picture not limited to titles and status.

What about “self-positioning?” How would you describe yourself? How would you like others to describe you? Write it down. Again, don’t limit yourself. So you won’t be this every day – I don’t think a few failings or weaknesses negate the fulfillment of trying.

Your failings are helpful if you think about it. What has stopped you from achieving your purpose? What has helped? Write these down – these are my “hygiene factors!” So now you have your aspiration, and you are more conscious of hygiene factors that can help you.

The next challenge: do you have a personal logo? No artistic skills required! What symbols or visuals remind you of yourself? A doodle that reminds you of your aspiration or self positioning or self hygiene factors. Doodle it now. Make it something that’s easy to draw in that moment when you think you are losing the plot!

Now my challenge is to share mine with you! My self aspiration: To fully realize my potential at home and at work and create an environment that allows my family and colleagues to reach theirs!

My self positioning: To be a successful role model female business leader for me, my family, and my colleagues; achieving a balance of life, work, health and happiness.
My hygiene factors include:

  • Taking care of myself, my family, friends and colleagues
  • Making time to think and plan for work, family events and celebrations
  • Managing self, ego, arrogance, frustration and expectations
  • Providing positive energy in terms of body balance, humor, and how I make others feel.

As for my logo, I will draw this for you the next time we meet. So get writing and doodling, loving yourself and those around you, warts and all. It’s not about attaining perfection but about resilience with elegance and authenticity.

PS: All ideas and words were inspired and stolen shamelessly from mentors, coaches, my life coach, family, friends, and colleagues, past and present.