As a result of evolving business practices, preparing students for their future careers has become increasingly challenging in higher education. Nationwide, colleges and universities lack professional mentorship programs necessary to arm students with the skills to succeed in today’s world. Given the level of competition and the rate of change, it is essential for students to become as well-rounded as possible to enhance their chances of real world success.

In order for students to be prepared to meet these challenges, career coaching and development programs partnered with businesses must be a priority for all majors. Employers are no longer just looking for technical skills and a degree, they value expertise in communication, team work, and effective time management. All of these skills can be acquired through business mentorship programs and internships initiated through business partnerships.

Many students with college degrees enter into the workforce lacking the basic proficiencies to succeed in the office, including reading comprehension, writing skills, strong work ethic, and professionalism. To solve this problem, we consistently encourage our clients to partner with local colleges to help prepare graduates. When businesses partner with colleges to create opportunities, such as sales trainings for students to learn real world lessons, both employers and students succeed.

Although I always considered my own scholastic career an excellent one, I was not adequately prepared for the business world after graduation. As a political science major, I watched my peers within the business school be afforded exposure to local business leaders, an opportunity that allowed those students to gain knowledge outside of traditional curriculum. Throughout my years in the corporate sector, I have fortunately had the chance to work with several Fortune 500 organizations and participate in an abundance of successful college recruitment programs. It has been an eye-opening experience. Students given the opportunity of professional mentorship programs are better prepared for what it takes to succeed in this ever-changing landscape of corporate America.