My Own STEM Story

I was fortunate to be encouraged by parents who never saw gender as a barrier to pursuing STEM studies, and I adopted that attitude as my own. Throughout my career, I’ve found that having a strong background in STEM prepared me for nearly every professional challenge I’ve faced, first as an engineer in the private sector and then, as a complex technology litigator. Critical thinking is a universally applicable skill and the confidence that comes with that is invaluable.

Research has shown that imposter syndrome plagues many women in STEM. Know that you are not an imposter. Please embrace that you are extremely competent. Never doubt your ability to succeed. Together, we can build a more inclusive environment for women in STEM.

The Changing World of STEM

Technology pervades every aspect of modern life, from the way we eat, exercise, and obtain medical care to how we drive, travel, and dress. This science-saturated world demands a workforce trained in STEM, thereby making obtaining education in these fields foundational to our existence. Ensuring that women and minorities have access to these areas of study is not only desirable, it is critical.

Women in STEM Five Years from Now

I believe that, if we continually recognize and work to deconstruct the barriers that discourage or prevent women from pursuing STEM, the number of women in STEM will steadily climb, the pay gap will narrow, and STEM-related industries will continue to become more inclusive—dispelling the stereotypes and biases that have long held women back in STEM. We will undoubtedly continue to see progress in waves, but in order to achieve this we must remain vigilant in our approach to amplifying the voices and abilities of women in STEM.