Anything worth achieving takes planning and commitment. Successful leaders understand that creating the right plan and moving quickly to implement action is important.

They also recognize the importance of assembling a team with diverse backgrounds, ideas, and skill sets; such a team generates a more innovative and often more creative outcome. Differences provide strength, and your strength helps, ultimately, to build the corporation’s success.

Mentoring can be both formal and informal. It’s up to the individuals involved in the process to decide what kind of mentoring relationship works best for them. Personally, I’ve had many mentors, including many of my bosses. And I’ve mentored numerous people both formally and informally.

Getting advice is helpful, but the key is to listen and then decide what to do with that advice. You’re responsible for your own success; so, you have to stretch yourself. Learn something new every day.

Communicate, communicate, communicate—both inside and outside of your function. Listen and observe before making decisions. Take on projects that challenge you.