Wow! What an amazing group of women you will find in this and past issues profiling Women Worth Watching. I spent time reading as many profiles as possible, and I encourage you to do the same. I can think of no better advice to give you than to refer you to these women and their stories. You will find a treasure of counsel and inspiration from all walks of life, and like me, you will see repeat and common themes that you can adopt to your own life and circumstance: have mentors and be one; Be and believe in yourself; develop your own style; build relationships; you can have it all but not necessarily all at the same time; embrace change and be open-minded/flexible; there is no set path to success but a series of opportunities and choices; be intentional about the choices.

I also recently re-read many of the letters women leaders of my company (AMD) sent to their worldwide colleagues earlier this year in celebration of the 100th International Women’s Day, another incredible collection of stories and advice hitting all of the themes listed above. Again – truly inspiring. Gather a collection from your own colleagues, and you too will be moved to action and fulfillment in your career, whether you call Beijing, Hyderabad, Moscow, London or Austin, Texas, your home.

What strikes me in reviewing this large collection of essays – and in reflecting on countless conversations about career and family challenges – is that we seem to require repeated reminders of our individual and collective worth and potential. I am as guilty as the rest.

No more doubt! It starts with you and me. Be and believe in yourself! It seems so simple, but it is worth repeating again and again, because doubt often stands as the major barrier to accomplishing all else, not just early in a career, but even for the most accomplished.

Since the beginning of time, women all over the world have contributed in every way possible to families, businesses and society. We are creators and innovators; we are leaders and collaborators; we are daughters, mothers, sisters and friends – and colleagues. Without a doubt, you can achieve great heights in all areas of the economic, political and societal fabric of today’s global network. We need you, and you just need to believe in yourself!