Now Is Not the Time to Rest

Thanks to many wonderful mentors, sponsors, and leaders who took a chance on me, I have been able to achieve more than I dreamed. Yes, it took hard work, determination, and persistence. But for a kid who grew up in Idaho, being successful working in New York seemed more of a fairy tale.

Finding that first job wasn’t easy; I needed a break. Finding my way from an agency to corporate America; I needed a chance. Changing industries; I needed to find a boss who would take a leap of faith.  

I have always felt it important to pay my good fortune forward. To help others get a start, get ahead, or get through difficulty. I am convinced more than ever that we must help the next generation propel us forward, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or any criteria other than skill.

How do we accelerate change? We must do more. Now is not the time to rest. Let us run ahead together on this journey.