I believe that people are capable of achieving goals far beyond what they think possible. The philosophy of success is simple: Set goals, work hard, be honest, do the right thing and work together. Combine these with a commitment to doing your best and you can achieve anything.

My passion is the company I work for. It’s what drives me personally and professionally. Commitment to quality and integrity are keys to the success of Verizon Wireless. We lead the wireless industry in providing the best-quality network that delivers the best customer experience. And we back that promise in everything we do. It shows in a record of performance that’s the highest in the industry and has been for some time. And it’s due to the individual and team achievements of every one of our 58,000 employees.

I try to remind my employees of this frequently. We are all empowered with the ability to achieve. Focusing on goals with the confidence that you can achieve them delivers an unshakeable determination. I was inspired to believe this at a young age, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to spread this confidence among our employees. Every moment provides an opportunity to make the right decision with the right motive. It’s in the small, everyday actions that success begins and then thrives.

The Gulf Coast team that I lead demonstrated this passionan unwavering commitment to our company’s customers—in the hurricane tragedies of 2005. I witnessed employees who put their personal tragedies aside to serve customers in the direst of circumstances. Our mission is all about communication, and it becomes the most important job of all when the communication we rely upon is jeopardized in crisis. I have never been more proud than when I observed the sacrifices of our Gulf Coast employees in the name of helping others in need.

In the past two years, our customer base has grown by as much as 60 percent in my territory. And our customer loyalty has increased as much as 35 percent. Our industry is a tough one, so these metrics are proof of our employees’ commitment to deliver the best service. It didn’t happen overnight, but it happened due to ongoing faith and achievement. That is really all success is about.