Within Honeywell’s legal department, we see diversity as the foundation of a culture that promotes respect, understanding, and appreciation of different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. Since more than 50 percent of the leaders within Honeywell’s legal function are women and minorities, diversity is an important factor that has led to our successful track record.

Honeywell’s legal team has won or resolved the vast majority of its major litigation and helped secure more than 29,000 patents or pending patent applications worldwide. The team has also contributed to the successful integration of more than 60 acquisitions throughout the past eight years. Diversity has enabled our team to generate new and better ideas faster and to collaborate and innovate more effectively. In all its forms, diversity has provided the energy to fuel our performance culture and helped Honeywell achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.

We also believe it’s important that leaders be evaluated on what they accomplish and how they do it. Each year, members of Honeywell’s legal team are assessed on their ability to foster diversity and teamwork. This makes our work environment more productive, more dynamic, and more positive. It enables us to come together and deliver the kind of outstanding results our company has come to expect.

Customers choose Honeywell because they know our employees, technologies, and solutions can help them face the challenges of a world that’s getting more complicated every day. We hire the best people, give them every possible opportunity to learn, grow, and develop, and reward them for their contributions. Our size, industries, and portfolio breadth enable people to have long and dynamic careers, progress into leadership positions, and explore diverse opportunities across businesses, functions, and regions.

No matter where you go or what profession you choose, diversity will always play an important and positive role in your career too. Embrace it as an opportunity, use it to your advantage, and enjoy all the possibilities it will bring to you and your team.