After 25 years in the insurance and risk-management industry, Karin Landry still tackles each new challenge with drive, enthusiasm and innovation. A managing partner at Spring Consulting Group, Landry holds eight patents in insurance, and, this year, launched Bloom, the Group’s first insurance company. She has grown Spring’s revenues by 6% and continues to advance the company’s reputation as the premier consultancy in the benefits industry.

Throughout her career, Landry has proven her dedication to innovation. Solutions in this complex field are neither simple nor obvious, but her eight patents are a testament to her ingenuity and determination to deliver impact for her clients. Her recent launch of Bloom Insurance Company will bring risk management to the sharing economy. She is a role model for young women entering the field.

In addition to her workplace responsibilities, Landry is a member of numerous boards and advisory committees, as well as a professor of employee benefits and member of the finance committee at the University of Vermont’s International Center for Captive Insurance Education.

“To me, diversity and inclusion go hand in hand,” says Landry. “A diverse environment is inclusive of all people – no matter their race, creed, or gender identity – and is accepting and appreciative of their ideas. Only when we create an environment like this, can we truly begin to foster an inclusive, innovative and productive workplace that values people as individuals and what their minds can do together.” She goes on to explain, “Diversity is one of the key drivers in an innovative and collaborative environment. It drives so much of the cutting-edge work we execute for clients.”

Landry offers this wisdom to other women, “Never allow anyone to limit your success; you – and only you – have the power to propel yourself forward. Find strong mentors – male or female – and learn from them. And when it feels like you cannot go any further, keep pushing. There is always another level you can reach, regardless of what anyone else tells you. You are helping to pave the way forward for yourself and the women who come after you.”