My STEM Experience

It is exciting to have a career in STEM, and in the nuclear sector we are moving the world toward a net-zero environment. With the clean technologies used in our industry, it is possible to provide a significant impact that will result in a carbon-free world in the upcoming years. It is amazing to have a job that allows me to not only make a local impact, but also provides me with the opportunity to make a global shift that will benefit generations to come. I have truly enjoyed every moment of having a career as an engineer and leader in the nuclear industry, and I hope my example will encourage other young women to pursue such a rewarding career.

The Changing World of STEM

It seems like more and more STEM jobs are added each year as a result of the growth in technology. From the technologies that allowed us to transition seamlessly to work and study remotely, to the life-saving vaccines and interventions that are quickly and efficiently developed by scientists, the future is looking to STEM disciplines to support the economy, infrastructure, education, and health-care systems. We will need bright young minds to pursue careers in STEM in order to fill this enormous need.

Where I See Women in STEM Five Years from Now

As one of a few female leaders in the nuclear industry, I can only imagine that in the next five years there will be many more of us, as I see so many capable female leaders emerging across our business. The future is bright for women in STEM because these new female leaders are resilient and capable of shifting industry cultures by championing one another and bringing innovative ideas and diverse perspectives to the table.