My greatest professional satisfaction is watching others succeed. I strive to empower my team to move past obstacles to deliver on their business goals with integrity.

Undoubtedly, a successful mentoring relationship must be built on a strong foundation of trust. An open-door policy is the cornerstone of my personal management style. Trust fosters transparency, honest feedback, and teamwork.

Several key behaviors have helped my personal and professional growth, and I strive to share them with others. Understand that you are not an island; your networks can help you achieve your goals. As a single mother, I knew that the best way to support my children would be to further my education. So I returned to school and obtained my MBA. I couldn’t have achieved this without the help of a stellar network of supportive family, friends, and neighbors.

Believe that growth comes from moving beyond your comfort zone. My first job after college was teaching English in central Africa. I’ve since lived and worked in Canada, France, and the United States. Be open to international assignments; you will gain so much from living and working in a cross-cultural environment. Conversely, when people come to you from overseas, embrace the richness of their experience.

Prioritize your time. During my challenging years of single motherhood, I quickly learned that time management is essential. Time management goes along with the importance of outlining goals for the short, medium, and long terms. Never let external stresses interfere with family time. Your family can really ground you.

Pursue your passion. I’ve tried to instill in my children the belief that they should pursue a cause, a career, a hobby, something about which they’re passionate. Passion brings meaning.

Establish yourself as a credible team player by delivering on your commitments. Don’t be afraid to make—and defend—tough decisions. To enable better communication, tell people your plans, then deliver. Become a mover in the business world. Make yourself known so people know your value to the organization and to your field.

Finally, embrace the fact that professional growth is progressive, dynamic, and diverse. Like life, there will be curve balls along the way. How you react – your attitude—is the secret to enjoying the journey!