Intuition is a True Asset in the Workplace

When I think about the women in my profession I admire most, one of the qualities I try to emulate, and believe is very valuable (at all levels of practice), is being a cheerleader for others. Quite often, junior colleagues and women shy away from tooting their own horn. As a young professional starting out, recognizing others earns the respect of colleagues, junior and senior alike, and fosters a strong team, which leads, in turn, to the best results for clients.

I have found that my intuition is a true asset in the workplace, and learning to trust that intuition really is a gift.

As a mom to two young children, harmonizing my professional and personal life is very important, and I enjoy being able to blend the two. I have many fond childhood memories of the times my brother and I would go with my mom to her office on the weekends (she worked in human resources at NASA in Northern California). For us, it was a fun adventure. And, more importantly, we were spending time with our mom. Now, as a mom myself, I look for ways to integrate the two. One of the strengths of my firm, Holwell Shuster & Goldberg, is that we are a close-knit team, with a growing number of attorneys with young families. Our annual firm outing in the Hamptons is an event my kids look forward to every year.

I feel lucky to have a career I’m passionate about. In college, I was pre-med and now love using that background in my IP/patent practice. Moving from a large national firm to what was a startup in 2012 (there were only six attorneys when I interviewed at HSG), I’m most passionate about building an IP practice and platform for our clients from the ground up.

Today, we are a complex commercial litigation firm of nearly 60 attorneys; in the IP space, for example, we have handled cases before the International Trade Commission, and secured a reversal of a patent infringement verdict by the Federal Circuit on the grounds that the patents at issue were invalid.