Physician, Entrepreneur and Fashionista

Dr. Julie Kuriakose didn’t take the traditional route after medical school.

“My biggest career leap, and what I learned from it, was starting my own practice right after fellowship,” said Kuriakose.  “As a med student, resident, and fellow, my expectation was to join another practice and continue on that career trajectory. By successfully starting my own practice I learned to believe in myself and value my own skills as a physician and entrepreneur.”

In 2012, that entrepreneurial spirit led Kuriakose to co-found Hudson Allergy with Columbia fellow Dr. Tim Mainardi. The practice now boasts four years of consecutive growth, opening a second location along 5th Avenue in New York last year.

As research shows, allergies are becoming more common, and the demand for allergy treatment is increasing. Kuriakose is capitalizing on that reality, employing a full staff, including doctors and nurses. Hudson Allergy is poised to expand nationally, with aspiration of offices in other metropolitan cities by 2020.

Kuriakose, who grew up suffering from allergies, has created an environment where patients receive elevated care in a comfortable setting, and leave with an improved quality of life.

A staunch advocate of food allergy awareness, Kuriakose not only directly treats patients who suffer from various allergic diseases, she also educates the community at large. She lectures to culinary organizations, educating food service operators on the increased prevalence of food allergy reactions and how they must respond and consider food allergy safety.

Kuriakose is also concerned with how environmental air pollution affects asthma. She was in medical school when she realized she wanted to contribute to the solution. “I wanted to work with people who struggle with harmful effects from the environment and help them improve their quality of life,” she said.

Kuriakose studied Allergy, Immunology and Internal Medicine at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. She pursued further studies at Rutgers University, and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. After medical school she earned the opportunity to become a fellow at Columbia University.

Kuriakose said she makes sure to find time for pursuits away from work. A friend refers to Kuriakose as a “closet fashionista,” adding that the doctor frequents New York Fashion Week runway shows and is always dressed to impress. Hudson Allergy’s office designs are also distinctly inspired by her modern chic aesthetic.