Creating a Vision

Julia Huang has an ability to provide a creative vision in areas others can’t see potential for opportunity. She has built three companies, including an Asian American advertising and marketing powerhouse.

Huang is CEO and president of Renzei Holdings, Inc., the parent company of her two main business entities – the award winning Asian American design and advertising agency interTrend Communications, Inc., and Imprint Venture Lab, a venture capital incubator known for growing small fashion-conscience companies.

Innovation, leadership, community service and executive responsibility are all virtually components of her DNA. Her colleagues say her fortitude and dedication in taking an insurmountable task and bringing it to life is a testimony to her personality. They say she leads by example and her philosophy of “she works for us” creates opportunities or others. She lives by the words never give up.

She has dedicated the past 25 years to building opportunities from a single client into three successful companies, while contributing in leading the development and growth of the community in Long Beach, California. She also champions diversity by creating opportunities for Asian Americans, Women, and the LGBT communities.

Her professional accomplishments are well established with award winning pioneering achievements and education and guidance of companies such as Toyota Motor Corp., The Walt Disney Company, JP Morgan Chase, AT&T, and Nestle, as well as successful start-ups such as Knockaround.

She is a community leader and serves on a variety of local boards and committees, including a recent appointment by the City of Long Beach to serve as a commissioner to the Queen Mary.