How the World Is Changing with Regard to STEM

We used to view STEM in an old-fashioned traditional sense. STEM is now rooted in everything we see, touch, and imagine. It’s a core part of everyday life. The lifecycle of all products, services, and experiences consumed daily is rooted in STEM, giving way to a broader range of opportunities in and around STEM. This growth offers women more choices in aligning their professional STEM careers with organizations or industries that personify their personal goals and interests.

Moving Women Ahead in STEM

We are all aware and recognize the gender gaps in STEM. We must be intentional in our actions and efforts around recruitment, development, and retention of women. Acknowledgement of the lack of diversity is not enough. We need to ensure that our teams at all levels in an organization represent our consumers.

Where I See Women in STEM in Five Years

I hope to see more women in STEM roles at all levels. Data has shown time and time again that women positively influence and strengthen a company’s culture, team, and the bottom line. Women are the core demographic of most products, experiences, and services. As the number of women in the educational pipeline with STEM majors increases, we should also see an increase of women in STEM careers. Our companies will begin to better reflect the diverse set of customers we serve.