Learning to Be an Inclusive Leader Is a Journey

Women today play a crucial role in bringing about a paradigm shift toward more inclusive leadership.

In order for older industries and organizations to be relevant, not only today but into the future, the leadership of these organizations must become more collaborative, agile, flexible, and innovative. And the key to making this happen is for industries and companies to tap into the energy and enthusiasm of their workforce—to build truly inclusive work environments, teams, and leaders. Women have a unique opportunity to help businesses and organizations meet this challenge, because women tend to excel in the skills inclusive leaders of today need to be successful.

Women in leadership today also face challenges that can impact their ability for advancement, depending on the industry they have chosen to be leaders in. Trying to move into leadership roles in male-dominated industries, such as finance, engineering, and technology can be very challenging. While other industries may have a more equitable representation of women in their workforce, gender bias, when it comes to selecting new leaders, is still prevalent. This is because business leadership remains predominately male and, as humans, we tend to select those who are more like us when it comes to placing people into leadership positions.

The future is bright for women who continue to aspire to leadership roles in business and industry. Learning to be an inclusive leader is a journey; it does not happen overnight. But for those individuals who are willing to put in the time and energy to become a high-functioning inclusive leader, the rewards are substantial for both the individual and their organization.

No matter where you are on the journey, remember to look for opportunities every day. They most often come in small packages.