It’s the People

“The people factor” has become a priority lens through which I have often made my career choices. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that true professional fulfillment for me goes far beyond a specific product or initiative; rather, it’s the people with whom I can learn, collaborate, and try big things with that makes the process so rewarding and memorable. The more I’ve focused on this as a primary filter for decision-making, the more enriching the chapters in my career journey have become. And of course, the stronger the team, the bigger impact one can have.

Questions like the following: How do people engage and communicate with one another? How do they train, mentor, and advocate for one another? Is this a know-it-all culture or a learn-it-all culture? How is trust cultivated? From whom can I learn and whom can I champion as I go? Exploring these more nuanced human elements of the workplace has been very powerful for me.

Today, people have access to a wider-than-ever range of career tracks that one can viably pursue. With that much choice, success is going to be a function not just of brand equity or individual effort, but by the power of best-in-class collaboration, connection, and care for one another. As such, the “who” as much as the “what” will continue to be a major investment strategy of mine, and an important guiding light.