The Words I Live By

I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve, but I do wear it on a gold necklace, with the words I live by boldly etched in block letters: TRUST AND BELIEVE. The necklace and the words were gifts from my mother, Virginia “Ginny” Price, when I was 17 years old. At that age, I had already learned some tough life lessons as the result of personal health issues, the loss of my grandmother to Parkinson’s disease, the loss of my young aunt, and finally, my mother’s battle and subsequent passing from breast cancer.

My mother in her infinite wisdom knew I needed those words. She wanted me to not see life’s hardships as crosses to bear, but as things to make me stronger. She wanted me to trust and believe in my strength, grit, faith, family, and friends, while leaning into all the goodness this world has to offer. It’s because of her, and the other wonderful women in my life, that I am who I am today. I work each and every day to make them proud.

All were passionate and caring women that always advocated for the people in their lives, whether family, friends, co-workers, students, or just someone needing help. It is because of them, and the examples they set, that I love helping people. When talent acquisition found me about eight years into my career, it fit like a glove. Today, as a VP of Talent Operations at WilsonHCG, I love developing diverse teams and leaders while making an impact on not just WilsonHCG’s hiring practices, talent and culture, but that of our clients too.

I also learned a lot from my dad—he’s one of the most resilient and loyal people I know. He taught me to be the person that shows up no matter what and that it’s more important to show up for the bad days than the good ones. I fondly tell him he is the best dad-mom out there since he had to raise two headstrong daughters by himself, which wasn’t easy through our teenage years!

I’m so lucky to have been blessed with such amazing women as role models and with a dad that knows how to guide a daughter over career obstacles. Today, I am blessed with the best “whys” a woman can have: my husband and two amazing sons!

To all the women in leadership and rising through the ranks, TRUST in yourself and BELIEVE that while the climb can be hard, you are enough.

I want to thank Profiles in Diversity Journal for this very special recognition and for the opportunity to recognize all the people who have supported me—my success is because of them: Virginia Price, Gregory Price, Caitlin Price, Mary Jane Seibert, Judith Price, Thomas Price, Judy Kash, Jane Seibert, Judy Velho, Peggy Baurkot, Nancy Fullagar, Josephine Keyes and, last but not least, my “whys” Robert, Brody, and Holden Koss.